As much as we would love to, we know that we aren’t able to help everyone in every way they might need. With that in mind, we have created this list of incredible resources offered by other groups and organizations. We regularly refer people to these groups to get help with virtually any situation. Take a moment to go through this list, and visit the website of any organizations you might find useful. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or you need help finding what you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at the Single Parent Foundation.

Government Agencies (Local, State & National)

  • – This site is home to a national directory of charities and other groups that offer support in a variety of ways, including food, housing, jobs, insurance and more.
  • Social Security – The social security office can help you find out if you qualify for social security, disability or other programs that can help you get the help you need.

Help for the Hungry

  • One Harvest – One harvest is a ministry dedicated to helping families get high-quality food at extremely affordable prices.
  • Feeding America Food bank Directory – This is a directory of different food banks located throughout the country. If you need help feeding yourself or your family, this site has a lot of resources available.
  • WIC – The Women, Infants & Children program is available through government agencies, and can help feed pregnant mothers, and children up to five years old.

Shelter & Clothing

  • Homeless Shelter Directory – The HSD has over 3000 shelters and services throughout the country available for those who are in need.
  • Goodwill – Goodwill offers people quality clothing, household items and other necessities at very low prices.
  • HUD – The Housing and Urban Development department from the US Government can often help with rent and other bills to ensure you have somewhere safe to live.
  • The Salvation Army – The salvation army provides assistance to individuals and families who need help finding shelter, clothing or other resources.

Transportation Assistance

  • – This is a charity that accepts donated vehicles, fixes them up, and sells them to those who need reliable transportation at an affordable price.

Physical & Emotional Healing

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