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As much as we would love to, we know that we aren’t able to help everyone in every way they might need. With that in mind, we have created this list of incredible resources offered by other groups...
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Legal Assistance

For many of the people we work with, one of the scariest times of their lives is when they have to go through any type of legal battles. The court systems are often extremely complex, confusing and...
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Special Needs Children and Divorce

Parents of a special needs child know that caring for their child involves an often overwhelming and demanding lifelong commitment that also introduces an added strain to the parents’ own...
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Top 10 Reasons To Mediate Your Divorce

Mediation is a process for resolving conflict and coming to an agreement where decision-making remains with the parties. A neutral mediator assists parties in arriving at a mutually acceptable...
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17 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is a complex process. Those involved must face legal, financial and psychological challenges simultaneously, all while managing everyday work and parenting demands. These common mistakes,...
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Statistics on Divorce

Here at the Single Parent Foundation our goal is to put ourselves out of business. We want to help couples going through difficult times to work on their relationship, and hopefully strengthen their...
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